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Rendering created by Eldridge Felder - Caustic Renderings


Interactive Experience

The interactive experience combines the ease of an architectural walk-through with the freedom of a 360 degree rendering, including the ability to change furniture, lights, or materials – all in real-time and, most advantageously, in view of your client.  
Architects, interior designers, home builders, and many others involved in creative industries are already embracing this visionary approach to improve their presentations and distinguish themselves from the competition.
The interactive experience will empower you not only with the tools of a 3D rendering or animation, but also the dynamic ability to change objects of your choice instantly with the comfort of your own machine.  This process also works on the HTC Vive for a virtual reality experience.  No more waiting for re-renderings or weeks for a new animation.  The experience is customizable as far as your imagination will allow. 

Other Options

If an interactive experience exceeds your budget, do not worry.  I also offer other rendering services at high quality including virtual reality and animations.  Click the "Rendering Information" button below.


About Me

My goal is to create the best interactive experiences and animations for you that will meet your budget and schedule.  The process is simple:  simply submit your package of drawing files and material thumbnail samples and I will do the rest based off of the type of animation you're looking for.

I am currently located in Denver, Colorado, and my experience is over 15 years of 3D animation and architectural visualization.  My professionalism and quality of work is among the best in the industry.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Eldridge Felder